Vaping As An Alternative To Smoking

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Vaping has stormed the scene in the last decade, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Katy Perry among famous faces spotted sampling the delicious flavours vaping has to offer, and with vapes boasting a whole host of benefits as an alternative to smoking, it’s time to debunk the common misconceptions.

What are the benefits?

Accounting for around 100,000 deaths each year in the UK, smoking can cause lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and coronary heart disease, as well as teeth yellowing, poor oral hygiene and nail discolouration – none of which are a known cause from vaping.

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With Public Health England stating that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, the study found that 44% of smokers are incorrectly informed about the safety of vaping – 22% believing that vaping is as harmful as smoking and another 22% of smokers unaware that vaping poses much lower risks to health.

After the 2007 ban on smoking in public places in the UK, vaping was introduced as a safer alternative, which could be used in pubs, shops and other enclosed premises’. There are currently no government regulations on vaping indoors, although some private companies may propose their own policies which users should abide by.

In England, 6% of accidental fires in the home are caused by smoking material (cigarettes, cigars etc), however, they made up 36% of fire-related fatalities. The figure is completely avoidable with the use of vapes, as long as you follow the correct advice for charging, battery and storage use. 

One study
found that smoking cigarettes in cars ‘greatly exceed international indoor air quality guidance values’, with exposed children found to be likely to suffer ill-health effects. Because vaping does not produce side-stream vapour, Public Health England found no identifiable health risks of vaping to bystanders, making vaping an obvious choice for the health of those around you.

With e-liquids starting from just 99p and vape kits starting from £4.99, vaping can be as inexpensive as you make it. For those just starting out, it’s a small investment to give it a go, with the opportunity to go all the way to the ultra-modern, high-tech, state of the art kits on the other end of the scale, for bonafide vapers.

Which vape products could I try?

Now we must remember, vaping is only one of many other alternatives to quitting smoking and could turn out to be a bit pricey as something to try out as an alternative. If you are completely new to vaping as always we highly recommend to speak to your GP about your options and do some research. If all this has taken place and you still feel vaping is an alternative for you then the next step would be to look around to find the right products within your budget.

With flavours ranging from bubble gum to watermelon and even apple and blackberry crumble, there really is something for anyone really looking to quit on cigarettes.

If you’re looking for a high-quality shortfill while getting ‘bang for your buck’, Gassed Ultra Premium could be the option for you, with its award-winning berry-inspired flavours.

Another option popular with the caffeine-lovers out there is the Zap! Juice Z Fuel 0mg 50ml Shortfill. With refreshing flavours, such as ‘Super Acai’, ‘Citron Freeze’ and ‘Pink Punch’, this shortfill promises an adrenaline rush, with enough punch to keep you on your toes.

The best-selling vape kit out there is the Smok Novo 2 Pod 25W Kit – priced at just £20.99, it includes
the vibrantly-designed Smok Novo 2 device, a 1.4 dual coil MTL coil pod, a 1ohm mesh coil pod, USB charger, user manual, and boasts an E-liquid capacity of 2ml. 

OBS KFB2 AIO starter kit is another best-seller. The all-in-one, user-friendly design makes it ideal for beginners, with unique designs, single-button operation and the ability to withstand ‘light to moderate falls’, making it a firm favourite with vapers. 

There are also a number of ‘mods’ on offer, priced from £17.99, popular as they produce more vapour than standard vape pens, which in turn provides the user with a stronger flavour. The Topside Dual mod on offer is created by Brian from The Vapor Chronicles YouTube channel. 

The best tank for you depends on your vaping needs. From tanks with a ‘lightning-fast’ ramp up the speed to those which can create huge clouds and strong flavour, to the more durable tanks for daily use, you can find a vast array of tanks with a range of uses and designs, to truly optimise your vaping.

Just remember that vaping e-cigarettes is just one alternative and if it does work out for you then you could always try something else with the medical advice given to you by your GP, going back to smoking is just an easy way out to satisfy cravings when in the long run it will have a negative impact to your health and wellbeing.

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